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13. november 2010 at 11:28 | ♔ gabriela benoit |  My feelings

My new saying , i am so clever ( just joke . ) . Hey , honestly i don't have any idea what to post here . I am absolutely addicted on tumblr , so that's so . Even SOME visitors of my blog are fucking weird and they're asking me on my tumblr : Did you have any boyfriend ? . I had , of course i had . I am not too behind as you thought , haha . It's just .... nobody cares what is my favourite music , what I want to be in the future , what do i think about something (specific question , i dunno now . ) 
Everybody cares if i had a boyfriend , if i had a sex , if i had a peeting , if i had a 69 location . It's not my problem that you haven't boyfriend yet , even i don't know why is the rule to have some boyfriend and if you haven't any yet you are weird . But i had , not only 1 boy . And now it is the time when i have fuckingawesomeamazingwhatthefuckidon'twanttohave dream boy and he is FAR FAR AWAY in the wonderland on his fucking white horse . And my life isn't so suck , that i'm crying every day that i haven't boyfriend and i want a next boyfriend and my life SO SUCK beeeeeh WITHOUT BOYFRIEND . No , i am not like that . 
So please , do you have some better question to which I could answer?

Well , i think i heard sth . I am absolutely scared out ! Nobody's at home and i heard some steps. . 
And well by secondly time , i think .. we have ghosts in our house . I'd swear . Because my neighbors are two old women ( they are twins .) and they doesn't do something like those hard steps . And from the other side they are 2 lesbian women . And they aren't at home now .
WTF i am totally scared out i'll TURN UP THE RADIO on the maximum wolume and everything's gonna be alright ! I'LL SCARE GHOSTS .!
The next of my amaazzzzzzzing ideas , i know it's just .... me . 

you know what ? Get answer to me in english and i will reply you . PLEDGE .


OK , if someone'd ask me : do you have a boyfriend ? I'll answer : yes dude music is my boyfriend ! 


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1 BoniTká <3 BoniTká <3 | Web | 13. november 2010 at 12:20 | React

Sakriš, dlouho jsem tu čekala na nějaký pěkný článek a zas je v ajině .. grr :D

2 Martinká <3 Martinká <3 | Web | 13. november 2010 at 13:31 | React

Jen vtip že jsi chytrá ? :D Ty snad chytrá jsi ne ? :D Kroky ? :DDD Bych se bála .. :D :D Lesbické ženy ? :DD Kde to proboha bydlíš .. :D :D Krásný zakončení .. Máš přítele ? ano vole hudba je můj přítel :DD

3 Jessica | love you ♥ Jessica | love you ♥ | Web | 13. november 2010 at 13:33 | React

[1]: přesně ták.. :D hej jaký kroky? to bude nějakej děda s holí někde venku :D neboj... já na duchy moc nevěřim.. :-)
jinak miley to tu sluší :)

4 lýla lýla | Web | 13. november 2010 at 13:40 | React

but honestly, girls are gosipps, so of course our hot theme is BOYS. if you have a BF, if you're still virgin and if you're not, just share your feelings and experiences:-D:-D and don't be scared. the worst what could happen to you,it will be death.. six months ago i was so desperate that i haven't got BF. then my BFF told me he loves me, so now i'm so so so happy i don't have BF:-D
btw Beach Boys rulezz. I<3OLDIES

5 Lady Rose Zamilovaná Lady Rose Zamilovaná | Web | 13. november 2010 at 14:24 | React

pěkný blog...

6 L. L. | 13. november 2010 at 14:30 | React

ooouh this t-shirt is SUCH PERFECT !

7 Adele* Adele* | Web | 13. november 2010 at 16:23 | React

Sakra musim překládat. :D Radši se nebudu vyjadřovat řekla třeba jsem něco špatně přeložila. :D Ale ta Miley mý ty vlasy prostě úžasný ♥.

8 blair-lady blair-lady | Web | 13. november 2010 at 16:48 | React


9 S u s a n. S u s a n. | Web | 13. november 2010 at 16:58 | React


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